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Where french fries and greasy pizza...

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6th May 2006

mamala9:24pm: Idk if anyone will see this but May 20th is my fam's cookout in Glenfield Park....it'll start roun 9am but i know ya'll wont come til afternoon lol....so if ur up in da clair durin this time at least stop by :)

20th May 2005

scotland_blue1:41am: summer!!!!!
we all have to go to six flags this summer. they're opening a new ride. check this out. it looks mad hot


30th March 2005

scotland_blue12:38pm: 80 degrees today. warm and sunny!

29th March 2005

scotland_blue2:38pm: 74 degrees in march...i love this place...sometimes.

14th March 2005

scotland_blue5:09pm: You Are Melissa!
You Are Melissa!

Which Period 5 Lunch Crew Member are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
asianjerk1124:55pm: You are Allison!
You Are Allison!

Which Period 5 Lunch Crew Member are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

13th March 2005

kawayuimomochan11:32pm: Yes, it's true.
I made a quiz today.
Take it and post your results here and wherever you please.
I spent lotsa time on this silly thing, I hope you guys like it. ^_^

10th March 2005

kawayuimomochan12:32pm: Who'll be in town the 16th - 27th?

For God's sake... let me know.
Yeah, you punks that never respond to these things, I'm talking to you.

16th February 2005

iamspecial12:20am: When's Spring Break for everyone? Mine's surprisingly soon--I'll probably be back the night of the 4th (of March); and I've got to be back on the 20th. So, who (if anyone) will be around during that time? I don't have any plans yet; but if anyone wants to go somewhere I do have a car!

10th February 2005

scotland_blue1:38am: whassup people?????!!!!!! why dom't ya'll ever leave comments on my lj? it makes me sad *runs away crying*

18th January 2005

kawayuimomochan7:37pm: !PERIOD 5 LUNCH!
Over the next few months we should post the dates we will be in Montclair for whatever reason- spring/ summer vacation or just visits back. Then maybe we'll have some day or two some of us can chill without missing the opportunity!

Also, let's just post some ideas for one or two trips (however small they may be... ie- the beach?) to take together over the summer. I hope we can really take advantage of this upcoming summer and spend more time chillin' together guys! I know y'all will have more opportunities over the next 4 years, but this is my last summer off... so I really want to take it seriously! Anyway, it's just a suggestion. Any random idea that pops into your head, post it here and we can comment and whatnot.


11th January 2005

kawayuimomochan2:58pm: I'm sad, no one left any comments about the icon I sacrificed my blood and sweat over. lol

If you missed the entry, it is located at: http://www.livejournal.com/community/period5lunch/8451.html?mode=reply

1st January 2005

scotland_blue7:07pm: title

30th December 2004

iamspecial6:35pm: Are we all doing something on New Year's? We should!
kawayuimomochan2:19pm: Lets grab some lunch or somethin' this friday guys! I really need to see you all before I leave for Philly!


28th December 2004

mamala12:50am: ice skatin wednesday night?????? gimme a call on da celli!

25th December 2004

scotland_blue3:18pm: okay. so i'm definitely leavingn on the 2nd of january and not a moment sooner! call me for dates of possible chillin people. for I AM AROUND!!!!!

23rd December 2004

kawayuimomochan3:34pm: This is the new user icon dudes! What do you think?

It had a few kinks, but I think it looks alright. I had to make it pretty small in order for the file to fit the 40KB max. Grrr, oh well. I scanned the picture Allison gave me to make it... here's the original picture if you want it:

iamspecial10:21am: I'm finally home, if anyone wants to see me!

21st December 2004

mamala10:56pm: I Have Arrived
if any of ya'll wanna chill jus gimme a holla on da celli ;-)
Current Mood: accomplished
scotland_blue1:22pm: I'm avalible until New Year's Day cuz I leave for Savannah madd early on the 2nd. But if anyone wants to chill gimme a call.

20th December 2004

kawayuimomochan10:46pm: I have a kickass icon and picture to post on here really soon! If I had it now I would, but I can't so I'll just get you siked about it! haha


Everyone post your available days!
I can chill from the 27th-31st! I go back to school mad early, the 2nd... so let me know! <3
mamala11:15am: C YA'LL 2MORROW!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!
Current Mood: excited

19th December 2004

mamala11:26am: 2 more days!!!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! :-D
Current Mood: anxious

18th December 2004

mamala12:04pm: 3 MORE DAYS!!
Current Mood: anxious
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